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Struggling indie artists need to be heard. Unfortunately, mainstream radio stations offer very limited opportunities to give unknown recording artists a chance to get their music to be played. This kind of gatekeeping does not only affect new artists in the music industry. Even forgotten artists and lost classics were being ignored and disregarded.

Seeing the gap, we decided to establish Simple Pleasures WSPR in Superior Township, Michigan in October 2015. We wanted to keep the music of forgotten artists alive and give an opportunity to indie artists a chance to be heard.

We took our inspiration from the following defunct radio stations: The Tower FM, which broadcast in Detroit during the 80s; Solace Radio, an online radio station that played both soft rock and easy listening; and CKLW, which broadcast out of Chatham, Ontario Canada before changing their format to Country. 

Open your music streaming app or tune into the most popular radio station. What do you hear? Chances are it’s the same artists singing the same songs. Perhaps, you have been wondering where the classic hits have gone or if there are any upcoming artists who have something new to offer.

Truth is, they are hard to come by nowadays, especially in the mainstream media. You have to look in the right stations. Luckily, you’ve just

found one.

At Simple Pleasures WSPR in Superior Township, Michigan, we feature forgotten and rising artists alike. We play carefully selected songs from the 60s, 70s, and 80s and of various genres, from soft rock to easy listening, from lost classics to contemporary.

Now, you can listen to songs that give you nostalgia and discover artists you’ve never heard before. What’s more, you can finally forget about commercial breaks. Because we are all about music, we give it to you uninterrupted. Tune in now and see what’s playing. 

Mission Statement

There are tons of songs and types of music that you won’t hear on the mainstream radio. That’s what we want to give you. Simple Pleasures WSPR is the place you can come to when you are tired of the usual. Here, you can sit back, relax, and discover new songs and artists or listen to the oldie but goodies.

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