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Past Shows Featured On WSPR Radio

Helen Rogers

First Aired February 2016

Helen Rogers singer-songwriter. Best known for working with Paul Hardcastle and the Jazzmasters. I had the pleasure of interviewing Helen and learning her history and background, plus I enjoyed some great music.

A Tribute To Chris Dedrick

First Aired August 2018

Chris Dedrick was a music producer, arranger, and a classical and soundtrack composer. Founder songwriter and producer for the Free Design. This was a beautiful, touching and loving tribute from the Free Design members and the Dedrick family members. I truly loved putting this special together.

Irene Conti

First Aired February 2016

Irene Conti Indie singer-songwriter from Italy.

Douglas Coleman

First Aired March 2016

Douglas Coleman is a singer-songwriter and radio host.

The Free Design And Sandra Dedrick

First Aired April 2016

The Free Design was a Delevan, New York-based vocal group whose music can be described as sunshine pop and baroque pop. I had the honor to speak to one of the members, Sandra Dedrick. Sandy and I have become good friends over the years. I appreciated her taking the time out to talk to me and share some of her stories.

Jeff Gutman

First Aired 2017

Jeff Gutman is a prolific songwriter from San Francisco. For the last several years, he has been performing headlining shows at dozens of clubs all over the west coast. Jeff's songs are filled with memorable stories and melodies.

Tom Carter

First Aired 2017

Tom Carter is a self produced singer/songwriter and musician from Atlanta, Georgia. Carter’s musical inspiration comes from a blend of the British Invasion bands of the 1960s and other eclectic genres of popular music from the 70s and 80s.

Jerome Lee

First Aired 2017

Jerome Lee,  is a Las Vegas, Bassist, Singer-Songwriter, Music Industry Veteran, Recording Artist. Always a pleasure talking to Jerome. He and I have become friends. He has an abundance of experience and stories.

Randy Harris

First Aired 2017

RANDY HARRIS blends pop, rock, jazz and several other genres to create refreshingly new, different music.

Bill Kalmar

First Aired 2017

Bill Kalmar is a Singer Songwriter musician from Grosse Pointe Park, MI. Bill is an excellent guitarist and I had the esteem pleasure of both interviewing and working with him.

The Sidleys

First Aired 2017

The Sidleys are a family band who's original music blends the best of rock, soul and jazz together to form their own unique sound.

Mack Meadows

First Aired 2017

Mack Meadows is a diverse guitarist in genres across the spectrum. Mack has always loved sharing the gift of music and has built his career performing before audiences and teaching guitar professionally.

Bill March

First Aired 2017

BILL MARCH IS A VETERAN OF THE CLEVELAND MUSIC SCENE. Bill has played with many local favorite recording artists such as Jonah Koslen (Stage Pass Now, Breathless, MSB), Wally Bryson (Raspberries), and was also a founding member of Beau Coup. Bill plays music from the singer/songwriter era.